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Reigning Entertainment Inc.

Michael S. Ojeda is the founder of Reigning Entertainment and a filmmaker in every sense of the word.  A jack of all trades, for he has worked,, as a Director, cinematographer, editor and visual effects artist.   A lover of all kinds of cinema, he enjoys creating genre films with strong emotional undercurrents.


His feature film debute "Lana's Rain" 2005, received a thumbs up from Roger Ebert and was distributed by Image Entertainment.  He was the director and cinematographer for the epic climactic battle scenes on Spike TV's hit series "Deadliest Warrior."  In 2015, he directed the horror/action film  "Avenged" (Aka Savaged) which played in 18 international film festivals, garnered rave reviews, and received distribution in most major markets.  In 2018, he produced and directed "The Russian Bride" starring Corbin Bernsen (La Law, The Dentist, Major League) which is now being sold by VMI Worldwide.

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