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Fantasy / Action  |   English   


JUN is a daring film that crosses traditional genres, it’s an exciting martial arts epic set in sixteenth-century Japan and a dark supernatural horror story, that introduces a different kind of heroine: a blue-eyed, blond- haired beauty with two conflicting personalities — one a sweet childlike innocent, and the other a lethal avenger. 

As a baby, Jun is rescued from a Dutch shipwreck by Japanese peasants who take her in and raise her as their own. But as Jun grows older, they must hide her European features and golden hair from the superstitious locals and a ruthless Warlord, who’s sorceress daughters “Gin” and “Kei” have foreseen a barbarian child will one day destroy their empire. 

Then, one day, Jun is discovered and the warlord and his army arrive at Jun’s home. They brutally execute her family and order Jun thrown into a snake-infested well. Miraculously, she survives, and in the wells abyss she discovers the skeletal remains of a legendary Samurai executed by the warlord a long time ago. 

Possessed by the Samurai’s powerful immortal Spirit, Jun grows into a six-foot angel of vengeance — a savior to the people, and a grim reaper to the corrupt officials who wronged her. 

Escaping the well a grown woman, Jun accompanied By a nine year old orphan boy wanders the forests and villages of a world she does not belong, destined to carry a deadly sword of justice as she tries to find her way home. 

Jun is a wild cocktail of classic samurai films like "SHOGUN ASSASSIN"  with a twist of "KILL BILL." Jun represents an exciting new direction in entertainment.

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