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The Russian Bride                  2019

97 min   |   Dark Thriller   |   English   

The Russian Bride 2018
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A Russian woman travels with her 11-year-old daughter  to America, with plans to marry an eccentric billionaire (Corbin Bernsen) offering them hopes for a better life. Arriving at his luxurious estate in the dead of winter and miles from civilization, the two are quickly enchanted by the reclusive man's charm. But the promise of a fairy tale life ends as the Barons sinister plans are exposed, and the mother and daughter find themselves fighting for survival.


Director: Michael S. Ojeda


Corbin Bernsen

Oksana Orlan

Kristina Pimenova

U.S. Distribution by Vertical Entertainment

Critics Reviews by Chuck Foster

“Well worth the price of admission...  Will make you cheer like a fratboy watching football.” by Tori Danielle

"the most epic ending to end all endings ever. Seriously, that finale was mind blowing? by Joseph Perry

"It. Is. Fucking. Glorious.."  5 Stars 

“A kick-ass film that will leave you wanting more..”  by Shannon McGrew

“The Russian Bride is a superb film…”

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